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You can consistently produce the best design work, but if you're unable to communicate your solutions effectively to others, your impact will be limited. Design Feedback Club connects like-minded designers to practice presenting their work and receive meaningful feedback.

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Become a better designer. Step up your career.

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“I don’t have that many opportunities to present my work and when I do, it’s usually in front of the same 1–2 people. Design Feedback Club helped me to practice presenting to people outside of my bubble, especially considering my upcoming job interviews.”

Fadi Rizk, UX Designer at Venngage


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"Presenting to designers you don't know gives you a completely different perspective of how you present and your work. I liked the advice my Hangout partner gave me, that I will keep in mind for my next ‘real’ presentations.”

Vrishti Bhowmik, Designer at Palo Alto Networks

San Francisco

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"During the presentation I discovered areas that I hadn't thought about when doing the research for my project. Hearing feedback from other designers made it crystal clear what could be easily improved."

Andy Santana, Product Designer


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Artiom Dashinsky

Artiom is a product designer based in Berlin. He recently published the Amazon best-seller, “Solving Product Design Exercises.”

Prior to this, Artiom led the design of various products at WeWork and worked closely with startups to develop their products and design culture.

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