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Master the Skills That Get Designers Promoted

Knowing every Figma trick doesn’t get you promoted.

Learn 12 skills that do, like mentoring, giving feedback, presenting design, and improving processes.

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An industry-backed approach to growth

Based on how more than 50 companies evaluate designers and employees, including Dropbox, Medium, Square, Figma, Zendesk, Intercom, and Coursera.

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What’s inside

  • 282 pages of highly actionable advice
  • More than 60 concrete action items on growing your career
  • Reviews of six design career paths
  • Six templates and canvases for career planning
  • 12 competencies designers are measured by
  • Printable PDF canvas for your growth plan
  • 14 recommendations for additional resources

Get answers to these questions

  • What career options do I have as a designer?
  • What career path is right for me?
  • What are the steps to reach my career goal?
  • How do companies evaluate designers?
  • What are my skill levels?
  • What competencies should I be working on?
  • How do I get a promotion?

How do I practically improve my skills?

While designers are busy improving mostly their hard skills, these are only a fraction of what a designer needs to be successful.

More than half this book is dedicated to improving the soft skills that you should have been taught in design school.

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Your step-by-step guide to design career growth

Set career goals — explore six design career paths. Use five exercises to pick the right one for you.

Career decision path canvas

Understand the path — learn which skills top companies require designers to have on each level.

Competency level evaluation tool

Build your growth plan — evaluate where you stand and build an actionable plan to reach your next level.

Design career growth canvas

Improve your skills — learn actionable frameworks and tricks on how to:

  • Present design and communicate clearly
  • Provide and accept feedback
  • Manage and persuade stakeholders
  • Improve team processes
  • Build relationships
  • Use leverage and increase impact
  • Work efficiently
  • Estimate better and prioritize tasks
  • Take and grow ownership
  • Understand the business
  • Mentor others
  • Participate in hiring
  • and more

Get promoted — learn how promotions work and maximize your chances of getting promoted faster.

What readers say

I feel like this book took all my thoughts and experiences and organized them in a way that makes me understand why I've been struggling in my career. I feel seen and heard.
Rachee Jacobs Senior Product Designer at
The level of detail in this book is remarkable. Many designers I've worked with would greatly benefit from building their career roadmap using this book.
Roni Dagan UX Lead at OrCam
After reading the book, I ordered a copy for each of my team members. It offers immediately applicable techniques that our designers can use for growth.
Zoey N. Design Manager at Grab

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About the author

Artiom Dashinsky photo

Artiom Dashinsky

I’m a product designer based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. For the past 14 years, I have led design at multiple startups, owned a small agency, and worked as a freelancer and consultant.

In the last five years, I have built my own products and published three books, including the Amazon bestseller Solving Product Design Exercises.

The products I built for the design community are used by tens of thousands of designers working at companies like Google, Meta, Airbnb, Netflix, and Boeing.

More about me: Twitter Linkedin Website

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