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Recruiters and hiring managers have a few seconds to decide if they should reach out. Make sure they find what they are looking for in your portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn by referencing designers hired by top companies.

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  • How many case studies to showcase?
  • Should I include wireframes and prototypes?
  • What CMS should I use?
  • Should I add links to my CV, Dribbble, LinkedIn?
  • Should I add side-projects?
  • What should be the structure of my portfolio?
  • Should I add personal photo?

Based on 283 portfolios

The 'Better Portfolio' report helps you make better and faster decisions while working on your portfolio by referencing what successful designers do in theirs.

The report is based on 283 portfolios of designers who are working at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, Meta, and Dropbox.

2023 report Better Portfolio

Become better by referencing the best

Portfolios list — check the portfolios that landed jobs at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, Meta, and Dropbox.

CVs — check how successful designers position and describe their achievements and design work in their CVs.

LinkedIn profiles — optimize your LinkedIn page to get more views..

Portfolio archive — access over 500+ categorized portfolio screenshots.

About the author

Artiom Dashinsky photo

Artiom Dashinsky

I’m a product designer based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. For the past 14 years, I have led design at multiple startups, owned a small agency, and worked as a freelancer and consultant.

In the last five years, I have built my own products and published three books, including the Amazon bestseller Solving Product Design Exercises.

The products I built for the design community are used by tens of thousands of designers working at companies like Google, Meta, Airbnb, Netflix, and Boeing.

More about me: Twitter Linkedin Website

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18 slides presentation
tagged and segmented
Portfolios List
of 283 FAANG designers
CVs and LinkedIn
of 120+ FAANG designers
Portfolios Archive
  • 219 home page screenshots
  • 194 “About” page screenshots
  • 381 case study screenshots
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